Advantages of SOCMA heavy duty forklifts

1. Driving Alex

1.1. The front axle adopts a heavy-duty forklift drive axle. The axle housing, wheel hub and bearing are enlarged in size. The spiral bevel gear and wheel side planetary gear reduce speed and increase the torque. The steel type axle housing support, ensure the large load capacity and long service life.

1.2. Using non-spoke pressure plate rim, the wheel hub has a stronger bearing capacity and is convenient for maintenance and disassembly.

1.3. The rear axle adopts a horizontal hydraulic cylinder steering mechanism. The steering axle has a compact structure and a steering angle is up to 70.5°, which is beneficial to reduce steering resistance, reduce tire wear, and improve driving comfort.

1.4. German Kessler driving axle is optional.

2. Transmission

2.1. Standard equipped with domestic famous brand planetary transmission, automatic shift transmission can change gears very smoothly, reliable, safe, and easy to maintain.

2.2. It adopts double-turbo hydraulic torque converter, stepless speed change, single lever control speed change system, which makes the operation easier.

2.3. Equipped with a neutral start device, the whole machine starts more safety.

2.4. Optional with electric transmission, electric control valve, German ZF transmission, and power shift fixed axis hydraulic transmission for forklifts.

3. Hydraulic system

3.1. Double pumps merge, steering priority hydraulic system. The system has small flow, low power consumption, reliable performance and excellent operating performance.

3.2. The hydraulic system is equipped with oil return radiator and back pressure protection device to ensure the heat balance of the whole machine.

3.3. The single-handle joystick control valve and electronically controlled variable speed control valve, make operation of the whole machine lighter and more flexible. Highlight the characteristics of high-quality material handling products.

3.4. Full hydraulic load sensing steering system, the rear steering axle has small turning radius, and the steering is light and dexterous.

4. Chassis System

4.1. The long wheelbase, box-shaped double-beam frame can provide good rigidity and strength to ensure the high reliability of the forklift chassis.

4.2. The main structure is subjected to Finite Element Analysis(FEA) (fatigue and strength analysis) to ensure that there is still enough safety margin under severe working conditions; the workmanship is exquisite and firm. Effectively cooperate with axles and transmission to ensure the lateral and longitudinal stability and energy saving of the entire vehicle operation process.

5. Power system.

5.1. Equipped well-known turbocharged engine: strong horsepower, large torque reserve, low fuel consumption, high reliability; easy access to accessories.

5.2. Optional with Weichai, Cummins, Yuchai, Volvo, and other brands.

6. Cooling system.

6.1. Engine large-capacity radiator with sufficient heat dissipation capacity.

6.2. Transmission oil and hydraulic oil radiators are equipped independently,to improve system stability.

7. Lifting components.

7.1. Reinforced design of special mine carriage and mast; through Finite Element Analysis (FEA), it has the ability to resist and high-intensity operations.

7.2. Standard equipped with a widened duplex mast, which enhances the torsion resistance of the mast, and has a wide field of vision; double speed limit valve oil circuit (the mast is lowered with a speed limit valve to reduce the impact of the hydraulic system), which is safer.

7.3. Optional with duplex and triplex free lifting mast. Standard with hydraulic heavy-duty side shift fork positioner.

7.4. The forks are interchangeable and can be replaced quickly; Standard with Cascade brand forks , which are stronger, more wear-resistant, and can double their service time.

8. Cab

8.1. The luxurious wide-view cab is equipped with a sunroof, which has low noise and good sealing, which is convenient for the driver to observe all around.

8.2. The steering wheel is adjustable, small and dexterous, which enlarge the space for driver's leg; Supplemented by luxury airline seats to bring comfortable and flexible operation experience.

8.3. Equipped with air-conditioner and heater; new LCD instrument (above 18 tons, optional for small tonnage) CAN integration, the engine and vehicle related parameters are integrated, high-end and beautiful appearance.

8.4. Optional tilting cab (12-18 tons) for easy access to the interior of the vehicle for maintenance.

8.5. All series forklifts are equipped with a reversing display screen;  weight counter can be installed based on customer requirements.

8.6. It adopts domestic high-quality electrical components, maintenance-free storage battery, and the wire adopts anti-flame retardant materials, which is reliable and durable.

9. Braking System

9.1. Choose 4 sets of heavy-duty caliper disc brakes: thickened brake discs, fast heat dissipation, good high temperature resistance under high load, stable braking effect; simple structure and convenient adjustment

9.2. Rear air storage tank, 18 times brake air pressure booster ratio, light brake weight.