HOWO, as one of the core heavy-duty truck brands of Sinotruk, has become the vane of heavy-duty truck industry in China in view of its excellent product quality and extensive brand influence. On October 28, 2004, the first HOWO heavy-duty truck rolled off the assembly line in Jinan, which marked that China’s heavy-duty truck technology began to align with the technology of internationally advanced heavy-duty trucks. On December 13, 2017, the cumulative sales of HOWO heavy-duty trucks exceeded 1 million. At present, HOWO has five product series: TH7, MAX, TX7, MATE and NX, with the models covering all segmented markets such as tractors, cargo trucks, dump trucks, mixer trucks and special-purpose vehicles. It has become the commercial truck brand with the largest number of products and the most complete product lines in China, and has played an important role in national infrastructure construction and economic booming.

SITRAK is a co-brand of high-end heavy-duty trucks created by Sinotruk and MAN (a German company) in 2009, and the trucks are sold in China and more than 50 countries and regions around the world. SITRAK products include two series, C and G, covering tractors, cargo trucks, construction vehicles and various special-purpose vehicles with a wide range of vehicle types. It is a pioneer in China’s high-end heavy-duty truck industry and has characteristics of high reliability, cost-effectiveness, comfort, safety and intelligence. In January 2013, SITRAK C7H, the first mass produced model, rolled off the assembly line, marking that China’s heavy-duty trucks entered the rank of internationally advanced heavy-duty trucks. In the past ten years since its listing, its quality and service have been recognized by customers, and the sales volume has exceeded 250,000 trucks, meaning that it continues to lead the development of the high-end heavy-duty truck industry.